stephen kraus baltimore

F-111 pilot from 1981-1989.

Stephen M. Kraus of Maryland is your go-to guy if you’re looking for a great places to visit around the Baltimore city area. He enjoys visiting historic locations such as Fort McHenry and walking the inner harbor and getting lunch or dinner at the latest new hot spot. 

stephen kraus baltimore


The Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail is one Stephen’s favorite places to hike and reflect. Perhaps it is Stephen’s past that draws him there. Stephen served in the Air Force as an F-111 pilot from 1981-1989. He served in the United Kingdom before coming back to the States and serving in Clovis, NM. He is also a former member of the 77th Fighter Squadron and current member of the 20th Fighter Wing Association. Steven also likes to hike around some of Baltimore’s more scenic trails in Maryland metropolitan area.

Stephen enjoys giving of himself and his time whenever he can for the causes that he cares about. He is continually active as a member of the Bel Air Methodist Church which is a great source in the community for a variety of bake sales and charity drives. Stephen also supports the SPCA in Maryland, a local nonprofit operating out of a small campus in Baltimore.

Being a highly active member of the Baltimore community, Stephen takes pride in the legacy he is leaving behind. His life is not just about recreation, it is about giving back and doing good. During his next hike there is no doubt that he will be reflecting on what he can do to further enrich the community in which he lives.

Steve also enjoys boating and spends time with his family and friends on the Bush River and various hot spots along the Chesapeake bay to include Still Pond and Fairley Creek.

stephen kraus baltimore

F-111 pilot


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